tinyUSBboard firmware - english version (rev.2 and older) (default "selftest" firmware + v0.97.1 bootloader)
tinyUSBboard firmware - german version (rev.2 and older) (default "selftest" firmware + v0.97.1 bootloader)
  • Please use only blank ATmega8 (or ATmega8A) at 16MHz with lfuse=0x3f and hfuse=0xc0 in depicted layout (old rev.2)
  • Do NOT lock ANY bits (use default lockbits=0x3f), or update feature will not work properly!
  • If you already use tinyUSBboard goto update section instead

  • 93cX6 eeprom programming

  • tinyUSBboard as 93c46, 93c56 and 93c66 eeprom programmer (using USBasp protocol)

    precompiled firmwares for: using board download

    Please connect CS <--> PB2 (SS) , DI <--> PB3 (MOSI) , DO <--> PB4 (MISO) , SK <--> PB5 (SCK) and make sure eeprom has proper Vcc, GND and ORG pulled to GND

    USBasp programming

  • tinyUSBboard as USBasp programming hardware
    precompiled (atmega8) firmware: here, Rev.2 (or older): here
    ATmega328P tinyUSBboard version as USBasp programmer: here
    (for other AVRs: atmega328, atmega168P, atmega168, atmega88P, atmega88)
    Improved version! (Provides 4MHz rectangular clock at PB1 and implements software switchable ISP speed: -B10 in avrdude)
  • White cable is optional 4MHz rectangular clock. Black is RST (SS), brown MOSI, orange MISO, green SCK, red 5V power and blue is GND.

  • tinyUSBboard as avrBridge (precompiled firmware for Rev.2 and older, or firmware for Rev.3 (and newer))

  • tinyUSBboard as EE-Prog EEPROM 24xx programming hardware
    precompiled firmware: here , Rev.3 (or newer): here
    for ATmega328P tinyUSBboard version: here

  • empty firmware with (3->2-> KiB) trampolines
  • another empty2 firmware with (2->2->1-> KiB) trampolines
  • third empty3 firmware with (1->1->1->1->1->1 KiB) trampolines

  • Other bootloader

    Example firmwares