Revision 3 THT

Pictures, schematics and layouts

Revision 3 will swap connections of PD6 and PD7 in order to enable even more functions of the MCU.

Revision 3 components

Rev3 through-hole technology (THT) components

In case you need some parts to build your own tinyUSBboard or you are unsure about sth., contact me...
The components are listed in blocks of recommended construction order. Total value should be less than $6.

If you want to build your own board(s) you may want to check out my construction-part kits available on ebay.
You also can contact me to trade a construction kit for bitcoins. Usually the price for a Revision 3 kit will be around 0.07BTC including shipment within Germany.

    Per board you basically will need:

  • 1x universal prototype PCB with 8x24 unconnected holes (cut a standard 5x7cm prototyping pcb into half)
  • 1x male USB-plug type A (DIP/DIL package)
  • 1x resistor 1.5kOhm
  • 2x resistor 68Ohm each
  • 2x zener diode 3.6V (1N4729)
  • 2x cable (30AWG?) about 15cm each
  • 1x resistor 100kOhm as pullup for "reset" (not needed in rev2 and rev3 anymore)
  • 1x ATmega8-16PU or ATmega8A-PU (prefuse and preprogram it with tinyUSBboard's firmware)
  • 1x male pin header with 14pins
  • 1x male pin header with 3pins
  • 2x male pin header with 4pins each
  • 1x crystal 16MHz (NOT ceramic oszillator!)
  • 2x ceramic capacitor 18pF each
  • 5x resistor 1kOhm each (depending on LEDs used)
  • 5x LED 3mm
  • 2x buttons (for example one flat another high)
  • (1x capacitor 0.1uF or any capacity higher)

For soldering you may also need about 0.75m to 0.85m of (1mm in diameter) Sn60Pb40 solder wire, which is however not seen as a component here.