Revision 4 SMT

Pictures, schematics and layouts

Revision 4 is 100% compatible to its predecessor revision 3. You CAN use revision 3 firm-/software.
However, the schematic has been pimped (even they are mostly identical).
The new schematic also is available in PDF or EAGLE (tinyusbboard.sch, tinyusbboard.brd) formats.

Revision 4 components

Rev4 surface-mounting technology (SMT) components

TinyUSBboard now also is available on an even smaller PCB.
It looks prettier, is faster to build and it is better for massproduction.
It is also cheaper, more robust and might be useful in other (kickstarter?-)projects as the center logic board.
If you are interested, please contact me...

The components are listed in blocks of recommended construction order. Total value should be less than $5.

Per board you basically will need:

  • 1x the tinyUSBboard PCB

  • 1x ATmega8-16AU or ATmega8A-AU TQFP32 microcontroller (prefuse and preprogram it with tinyUSBboard's firmware)
  • 1x (multilayer ceramic) capacitor 22uF in 1206 or 0805 package

  • 1..2x resistor 10kOhm (depending on brightness of LED) in 0805 package (GREEN)
  • 8..6x resistor 1kOhm (depending on brightness of LED) in 0805 package
  • 2x resistor 68Ohm in 0805 package (BLACK)
  • 2x zener diode 3.6V (ZMM3V6) in 1206 package

  • 2x (multilayer ceramic) capacitor 1uF in 0805 package (RED)
  • 2x ceramic capacitor 18pF in 0805 package (BLUE)

  • 2x tactile micro switch push buttons (in SMT 3mmx6mmx2.5mm)
  • 1x crystal 16MHz DIP2 HC-49S or SMT 5032

  • 5x LED in 0805 package

Rev4 surface-mounting technology (SMT) soldering manual

At the moment there is no official manual for soldering the board. (It is not ready, yet.)
However there is already a lot of stuff from betatesters and fans in the net.
During construction this might help you: