Other controllers for revision 3 (and newer)

Revision 3 will swap connections of PD6 and PD7 in order to enable even more functions of the MCU.
(It is possible to use the internal analogous comperator module)

Other default- and bootloader firmwares only are provided for revision 3.
Most of them are still inofficial and need further testing.
If not noted otherwise, example binaries/hexfiles are always compiled for ATmega8.

An arduino hardware description also is available for ATmega8 and ATmega328P only.

Latest USBaspLoader version v0.97.1

USBaspLoader version v0.97.1      (For Updates: Please ensure how updating works!!)
Rev.3 (or newer) ATmega8 (german version)v0.97.1 (update) (0xfe9a5680)
Rev.3 (or newer) ATmega328P (german version)v0.97.1 (update) (0xfe9a5680)
Rev.3 (or newer) ATmega88 or ATmega88P(german version)v0.97.1 (update) (0xfe9a5682)
Rev.3 (or newer) ATmega168 or ATmega168P(german version)v0.97.1 (update) (0xfe9a5683)
Rev.3 (or newer) ATmega328(german version)v0.97.1 (update) (0xfe6a5984)

!! BUG !! USBaspLoader version v0.97
Rev.3 ATmega8(german version)v0.97 (update) (0xfe9a5680)
Rev.3 ATmega328P (german version)v0.97 (update) (0xfe9a5680)
Rev.3 ATmega88 or ATmega88Pv0.97 (update) (0xfe9a5682)
Rev.3 ATmega168 or ATmega168Pv0.97 (update) (0xfe9a5683)
Rev.3 ATmega328v0.97 (update) (0xfe6a5984)

!! BUG !! USBaspLoader version v0.96.2 or older
Rev.3 ATmega8(german version)v0.96.2 (update) (0xfe9a5680)
Rev.3 ATmega328P(german version)v0.96.2 (update) (0xfe9a5680)
Rev.3 ATmega88 or ATmega88Pv0.96 (update) (0xfe9a5682)
Rev.3 ATmega168 or ATmega168Pv0.96 (update) (0xfe9a5683)
Rev.3 ATmega328v0.96 (update) (0xfe6a5984)